Welcome to Sunset Ranch 

The Colorado Mountain Dog was started by Wendy Francisco in 2005 when the need for a livestock guardian dog (LGD) with a friendly disposition was discovered. Colorado Mountain Dogs are Livestock Guardian Dogs that also exhibit friendly, people-oriented, traits. They are great at guarding animals and can work to protect multiple acres from predatory animals. Colorado Mountain Dogs work to establish their territory and can help defend against coyotes, mountain lions, raccoons, foxes, and a host of other animals that are considered predators to residential land. Multiple dogs are ideal when dealing with larger areas/predators while one dog can help drive off smaller areas/animals. Colorado Mountain Dogs achieve this protection usually by their presence alone, which means minimal physical confrontations. Lastly, Colorado Mountain Dogs are great with families and children. Their gentle dispositions make them great for all ages along with making them ideal as indoor dogs, despite their large statue.